The Conan Doyle Case Book

The Conan Doyle Case Book EP2: Peter Broughan

October 20, 2021 Ewan Irvine Season 1 Episode 2
The Conan Doyle Case Book
The Conan Doyle Case Book EP2: Peter Broughan
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Join Ewan Irvine as he explores the strange and unexplained through a series of interviews.

In this episode, Ewan speaks to Peter Broughan, who has a keen interest in UFOs. They discuss a number of incidents and the implications of the US Government's recent reclassification of UFOs to Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

The founder of Rob Roy Films, Peter is best known for having originated, developed and produced Rob Roy (United Artists, 1995) starring Liam Neeson. At the time, it was the biggest feature film made entirely in Scotland. It enjoyed both commercial and critical success and secured an Oscar nomination and a BAFTA Best Actor award for Tim Roth. 

Peter also originated, developed and produced the award-winning The Flying Scotsman (MGM, 2007) the remarkable true story of Ayrshire cyclist Graham Obree starring Jonny Lee Miller. It was the opening film of the 60th Edinburgh International Film Festival and was nominated as Best Film at the BAFTA Scotland Awards and acquired for worldwide distribution by MGM. 

He is a founding board member of both Scottish Screen (now Screen Scotland) & BAFTA Scotland and served on the UK Government’s Film Policy Review Group. 

He also founded and directed The Scottish Cultural Memory Project, based at Stirling University. He also founded The Scottish Paranormal Festival - the biggest and most eclectic event of its kind ever held in Scotland. 

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Ewan Irvine  0:04  
Welcome to the Conan Doyle case book where there's always a story to tell.

Well hello once again and welcome to our sealers of the Conan Doyle piece today, and I'm speaking to pizza Braun, film producer and such things as Rob Roy, the Flying Scotsman and a very keen interest in the paranormal and UFO. So welcome Peter. Hello, hello, you know, I have to ask Where did your interest and I suppose the paranormal but particularly you therefore spirited that kind of come from.

Peter Broughan  1:03  
It's hard to it's not to be specific about that. But when I was a kid, I was really interested in comics that had kind of the weird stuff. There was one particular comic, I think it was from fun, but I can't remember. But it had a weekly feature of story called The Phantom of black trails. And it was that it was that kind of story story, you know, but it was illustrated by one image at the beginning of the story and the Phantom I realised looking back look very much like Bela Lugosi and Nosferatu it was, it was always the Phantom was very sort of difficult to pin down and dogs got away and so on. But, you know, that's a strong remedy from childhood and that we had very few books and out of those, unfortunately, but the ones that we did have the ones that are sort of famous upbringing in LA where the pain Booker follows stories and, and similar, and there was always that thing in the background of you know, being interested in the strange the ghostly the wields, and the unusual. I think during my professional life, I was more focused on either one material stuff if you like. But as I got older, the that interest began to grow again, culminating I suppose, in 2014. When I set up and ran the Scottish Parliament, the Scottish paranormal festival in Sterling, which was a major festival. What it took in wasn't just talks and lectures that had had ghost stories for children had theatre that had film, had ghost hunts. It had vampire Kaylee, and so and it was, it was at Halloween. And it was it was a tremendous festival. various people helped particularly Nick Kael who was then the president of the sspr so it took a lot of preparing was a good use work, but I managed to lose money that I didn't have to lose at the end of it quite a lot of money. still paying off. But it's a good model, I think for that festival again, but I wouldn't do it unless I wish of not losing as much money as I did. It was perhaps a bit over ambitious but always better to be over ambitious and under ambitious, I think so. So that's what it took me to and that that interest has got stronger in just in the past few years because I've been working on a movie, a feature film, based on the true events of the Rendlesham Forest incident and in suffered in 1980. And we can maybe talk about that separately. But that's a feature film project feature maybe based on fact, if you like about the two local women in Suffolk who had the boat these extraordinary UFO incidents adjacent to the amount of the mass of American nuclear base that was there at the time, and how they brought it to the attention of the world. So I then very recently I've been particularly taken with the CDs of Tuesday Talks at the Arthur Conan Doyle centre which have been absolutely superb and film we've been lucky to be presented with some very big thinkers you know, who are really advanced in their various fields. Not just we we might move mountains, because although I'm interested in the paranormal, and so on, I'm also suspicious of people who make unsubstantiated extreme claims for things I like to I very much want to see evidence of stuff before I begin to believe it. And the thing that has run through all of those talks really has been the fundamental question of the primacy of consciousness and that's, I think what I probably say was my main interest at the moment but that relates to you for ology, but we can never get to that later.

Ewan Irvine  4:56  
I was gonna ask you about the incident of suffering. What what happened to Momo?

Peter Broughan  5:04  
They were they were investigators rather than experience of over three days at Christmas 1980 was an extraordinary, extraordinary series of sightings and landings. And perhaps one perhaps one or two actual alien sightings on night three alien craft coming down in addition for us the base now the twin base of bank waters Woodbridge was an ADF base that was on leased to the Americans It was a massive piece of Americana dropped into rural Suffolk. It had 500 nuclear weapons on site with the planes not far away that could deliver them at the height of the Cold War. And that in itself sort of points to a strong thread of factuality about your philology because UFO is so new a piece of there sometimes no called have a very strong interest to sites of nuclear production, plutonium production, nuclear power stations, but particularly nuclear warfare related nuclear activity such as MySite online sites and, and the like. There's a remarkable book by Robert Hastings called UFO was a nuke switches has hundreds of interviews with mostly military personnel who have experienced UFO appearances at UFO sites, some of the most alarming involved UFO repeating over the malstrom missile base in 1967. And turning off the time that the 10 silos so that they basically took over control of the operation and mended that part of the American nuclear defence system, which I hate Anyway, I'm sure many people watching these, but listening to these podcasts will share my horror of nuclear warfare and all that goes along with it. But that's what you always seem to be interested in as well. There's a strong case to be made and the evidence available that does advanced civilizations are a bit concerned about what you're doing to ourselves and as we push ourselves perhaps towards the edge of Armageddon. But yeah, that interest in nuclear seats was was was similar at right at Rendlesham. And that's the good the smart money's on that being the reason why the UN UFO was were appealing to women to us a bit with the ones who had the boat the case, a few days later, a new year party, and I went to Butler and dark streets and who had, they also were interested in the wheeled stuff. But the they were told by an American young man who attended the party about the stuff that had gone on, and they were a bit sceptical At first, he went out and started to interview people locally, and then built a massive evidence that what had happened really had dead happen. And that culminated, and three years later, through American Freedom of Information, the memo that was written by the deputy base commander, Colonel Charles Holt, was brought out and made public revealing that the activity on and around the base had been very real, and, you know, had actually happened.

Ewan Irvine  8:31  
One of the things that I find really interesting because, of course, growing up and even up to a couple of weeks ago, and I always considered UFOs, unidentified flying objects, and that was always the term that was used. Then you mentioned an intensified aerial phenomenon, which seems to be the new phrase that I think in the government phrase for that.

Peter Broughan  8:58  
Yeah, I think that that the, the phrase UFO had, had acquired too much cultural baggage. You know, when the the new UFO age began in 1947, was the Kenneth Arnold sightings in Washington State. And a couple of days later at the famous events at Roswell, New Mexico, that popular culture latched on to the mass of sightings that the rash of say things that happened, especially in America in the intervening years, you're swallowing. So there was a there was a genuine campaign of decentralisation parts of which was to ridicule the phenomenon and to ridicule people who were seriously looking at it, taking you seriously and presenting it to the world. So I think that the sweatshop terminology happened because they wanted to get rid of that sort of That that sort of cuts of ridiculousness that the US always said, I'd sadly come to represent and crept into even Hillary Clinton's campaign a couple of years ago, when the Clintons were actually very interested in the phenomenon, or they tried to keep it quiet because it wasn't a vote winner, but they had a relationship with Laurance Rockefeller, one of the famous rich Rockefeller family, who was also particularly interested and that Kennedy had been had been asked in our campaign about and she started to use the phrase unidentified aerial phenomena. And that one, that's the place that the military and the government have picked up in one word sense to keep it sounding more scientific less.

Ewan Irvine  10:52  
And it appears as well that over the years have more and more officials willing to speak about the airport or some one, The New York Times, for instance, she mentioned to me a week or so ago, that john Ratcliffe, the former director of national intelligence, who called for Fox News that quite a few of these phenomena, these you have laws are quite difficult to explain. And then we have a john brennan, the former director of the CIA, that seems a phenomena is a result of something that we don't understand. And it could involve some type of activity that some might say, constitutes a different form of life.

Peter Broughan  11:37  
Absolutely. I mean, since 1947, to try and sort of like, present the history of your theology in a very positive way, there's been hemily as of evidence of activity in disguise and landed craft and all the rest of it that has been massive, massive data points as they are no cold about it. And some rather How can I put this up there have been American government inquiries, but famously, Project bluebook was the best known of them into the phenomenon but they have tended to exist to dismiss the phenomena before they actually even started you know it, they don't really want to admit to the to the reality of it. So you have all of this going on. And then from 1969, I denial on the part of the American government that they weren't, they weren't at all interested in UFO is because whatever was going on, it wasn't a threat to national security. In reality, they were still looking at it. And what became a part of was the famous, no famous New York Times article on December the 17th 2017, was that the stuff was going on, and the web programmes that were government funded. That continued for a long time, these programmes had been started. A guy called Senator Harry Reid, who was no no less than the leader of the Senate. And the American government. He came from Roswell, New Mexico, and that might explain why he had an interest in this he's still alive. I'm not referring to him in the past tense, but how he got together. So a couple of other senators, three of them, you know, had an interest in were concerned that what was happening in disguise was potentially a real and genuine threat to national security. So they managed to, secretly, discreetly, shall we say, Get $22 million of government funding into a programme that was looking at it wasn't just looking at us it was it was looking at all sorts of weird stuff. And the even, you know, it's scary skinwalker Ranch, had a research programme based out and famous skinwalker notorious skinwalker Ranch, which was partly funded by by the knights and that that process, formulated eventually into the advanced aerospace threat identification programme, a tip which was looking very specifically at uaps. When, when when when people open the trains on that day in December was a was a real sort of like sea change moment, it was a paradigm shift because he hides the most respected newspaper and you know, you can see it seeing or pointing to stuff and linking to video is linking to three videos that seem to point very directly towards the reality of this stuff and revealing that the programme had been going on, and revealing that Lou Elizondo who had been adjusted the programme had left just before the the article appeals, he'd left that he'd resigned his his post, because he felt that it wasn't being funded properly, and indeed, there was an opposition in government and in the Pentagon to the programme, among some quarters, because they genuinely thought it was it was, it was demonic in nature, the phenomenon that was being dealt with that says quite a lot about, you know, currency of the United States of America, the sort of fundamental Christian nonsense that informs much of their way of seeing the world, many of many of the population and the representatives. So, you know, Elizondo was out there he was related to an organisation which was formed by a pop singer rock singer from blink one nine to talk Tom DeLonge. And a number of individuals Chris Malan, delong, how put off

various high very high powered people in their own fields, where, you know, pushing for, for which was called disclosure. And they've got a lot to be congratulated for. And in bringing forward what eventually became the report that was partly published last week, my sliding into the phenomena and what was revealed in 2017, meant that Pandora's box was no open, the genie was out of the bottle, and it couldn't be easily put back. And again, that had to be taken seriously, there was too much evidential stuff on the table. And indeed, pilots were coming forward and seeing, you know, to the nation, on news programmes and documentaries, this is what I saw and what they had seen what they were reporting, and this relates to the videos the from the Nimitz aircraft carrier deployment in 2004. of San Diego, when four weeks they were being followed by at least 100 craft very high up in the sky, being detected on radar. And then eventually, Commander freebo and his wingman who was wonderful female pilot going up to investigate. And what they saw was, he saw a forming in the water below them, and then across the matching and shooting up into the sky and then playing tag with them. You would say that to summarise it, but the customers also syncope is also observed to descend from 28,000 feet to sea level and point seven eighths of a second, which is actually quite impossible. And in physical accounts, it that defies all the laws of physics. In fact, there was a really excellent piece by a guy called Kevin canoes who looked at the physics behind the news. He said since we want a minimal power estimate we took the acceleration is 5370 g. and assumed that the UE v had a mass of 1000 kilogrammes. The UAE v would then have reached a maximum speed of about 46,000 miles an hour during the descent are 60 times the speed of sound without assigning brimar per se, at which point that acquired power peaked at a shocking 1100 gigawatts, which exceeds the total nuclear power production of the US by more than a factor of 10. So that in itself, you know is for me was just like, that's, that's mine, that's just, you know, here's here's evidential proof stuff that the mix, all the sort of marketing that you get everything you reveal to people in a conversation that you're interested in is is a lot of noise. And you know, well, well, you know, here's some factuality and then, you know, you come back with what you got. Yeah. So so that's that's why it was such an important deal last Friday, when the report was kind of revealed, except it wasn't because it was only a, what you would call an executive somebody It was a name pager, which summarised what it was about, and what, you know, their preliminary conclusions were but there's also an 80 page is reported an 80 page confidential part of the report that we're, we're not allowed to see.

Ewan Irvine  19:18  
I think you kind of answered the question. I was gonna ask that actually, in the whole law of physics and everything, because there are many that will say, Well, how do we know they're often an alien being? Or could it be some sort of advanced weapons system or technology that we're managing to find? And it could be that, well,

Peter Broughan  19:42  
if it's advanced, it's advanced in a quantum leap by a factor that is just beyond imagination, you know, we can't be that report. One of its conclusions was that you know, what was being studied Wasn't of either US government technology or a foreign add potential adversarial adversarial discovery it was it if it's not that then what is it it's not something that the performance of the craft that I've just mentioned you know exceeds physics the laws of physics as we know them you know and that that's pointing in a direction which you know they all stop short of saying it's it's actually alien but it's certainly not something that our civilization is currently capable of so who knows what it is

Ewan Irvine  20:40  
and the status of the crafts themselves because again I remember growing up and I used for was always a source of shape or object last it was featured and Close Encounters of the film that was always a source on everyone. But as time goes on, the images of the crafts have kind of changed the sight terms of the crafts has changed. So are they advancing the technology or the other I kind of wonder why why change from from what the sightings were originally

Peter Broughan  21:20  
well if you look out the window you'll see cars going by you'll see other traffic and they're not all the same shape you know, it's it it doesn't necessarily mean that it's like the face blanks also came from the candidate Donald savings of 47 when it when he reported it as being like sources of skipping across water what he'd seen what actually objects that were more like sabotaging Yes, you get sources you get sightings, which are so strange you get cigar shapes. recently there's been a lot of triangular UFO was, and we're also coming into a strange area of pyramid shaped UFO was Betty love. The painted incident that I'm currently investigating with the main witness happened in South Wales five years ago. And at two o'clock in the morning, she and her neighbour are going out for a short walk in the South Wales hills just right outside her house. She saw a massive amount of military activity and then the appearance of a 600 foot pyramid shaped UFO right in front of them, only a matter of yards away. One of the aspects of that, I should say in passing is important is that it's better if there are multiple witnesses to any events for obvious reasons. And the pent up incident has many many witnesses as to the shapes of UFO as if it is alien civilizations are visiting us then possibly as the plural civilizations, or maybe that's one several that one very advanced civilization is using different curves for different reasons. That the stuff that happened around the Nimitz and the Eisenhower deployments in 2014 2017. Look to me very much like probably been mined unperson unoccupied draft scout craft, if you like drones, if you like, but possibly connected to a bigger entity higher up in the sky. Because some of the craft that have been seen and multi witnessed are very, very large. Indeed, if you go back to the the Phoenix incident, one of my favourite ones, Phoenix lights incidents of 1997 when 10s of 1000s of inhabitants of Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding towns and cities. So I see a fleet of craft flying over three states, some of the closer witnesses. And I've spoken to one of them in particular who was a mother who were driving home from a swim meeting and saw I'd had the whole of the Phoenix Valley in front of them. They saw the craft passed over them. They reckoned it was seven miles wait seven miles wide. Where do you park such a thing? You know, if that's part of our advanced technology or technological progress on the south? I don't think so. It's stuff like that, that, you know, it's exciting because it's real. And it's true, and it's beyond our current imaginings about what we ourselves can do. Consider a bit and it's as I see, it was a multi witnessed event that we aren't the only people who saw such a monstrously large graph. You

Ewan Irvine  24:44  
think, you know, the governments of different governments seem to have on fire files or investigative studies and CFOs Do you think there's any collusion in governments or perhaps I don't know just kind of some sort of global cover up global silence on

Peter Broughan  25:08  
different countries actually not this. I've talked a lot about the US because most of the stuff comes out of the US as the most reported stuff comes from us. And indeed, the figures would say that there's more sightings there than anywhere else. But different countries have different protocols. Some of the South American countries are very open about it, like Chile. And take degree Brazil, fret, the French are very open about that as well. They admit to, you know, studying the phenomenon and taking it seriously. So that's also I think, just this distrust and collusion probably going on between governments, because governments don't want to give too much away. You don't even want to give too much away. But what they don't know and what they don't have, you know, what I mean, as well as what they do and what they do have. But I think you only have to look at the way that some witnesses have been if this is the right answer to your question. Government, governments have interfered in this from the beginning. In 1947, the famous Roswell incidents crash in New Mexico desert, more closer to the turn of Corona and then was well, actually but it's become very famous, but what's less well known is threatened. To what degree hundreds of people who are witnesses over who were the family of witnesses even worse, threatened with, with that, by by by the American military, there was a very deliberate military action in the wake of the sightings. So the landings Crash Reporting was reunited soon I got distracted. You know, there were, it's quite, it's quite alarming what governments the lengths to which governments have gone to keep this as tight as they would like, as they would like to keep it London de Japan incident, which we're looking at at the moment, is actually potentially the most frightening of all because it might involve the shutting down of the UFO, deliberately by the US, UK military. What one of the very interesting things about the Nimitz and Eisenhower incidences of the pilots and other Navy personnel with testifying to the existence of craft above them, as I said earlier, that had been going on for a week in both cases, hundreds of craft way above them. And it was sorry, I wasn't able to get it back again. Yeah, sorry. was interesting that, you know, that portion of the battle cruiser deployments that were referenced by the naval personnel involved, you know, the countries have kept following above them. It seems to me that, it seems to me and others that there must be a protocol within the military, not to shoot not to attack, those kinds of appearances, those kinds of sightings. They don't immediately shoot you on site, even if they don't know what it is. And you kind of wonder what's behind that you kind of wonder well, how they've been instances in the past and you go back to the strong rumours never identity to devote Eisenhower anything alien civilizations in the desert to come to an agreement about about this. Now, I can't, I certainly can't verify that, but it's a steady strong river with an ecological community. When you look at the pentacle incident, you see something much more sinister you've seen very, very strong evidence of a craft being deliberately shut down by the UK militia cup which was not threatening and not causing any kind of danger to anyone. In fact, the opposite which I've dropped, which it goes to witnesses were sending a mental messages of peace and friendship. That takes me to another lovely case in aerial schooling and druggies and in Zimbabwe, but we'll come back to that maybe later.

Ewan Irvine  29:29  
So one final question. And do you do you think we might get a definitive answer in our lifetimes that are as I guess that as alien civilizations, civilizations out there? Answer

Peter Broughan  29:48  
that depends on your logo Lifetime's out during the winter of Maine. I would love to think that we were we wouldn't have that evidence. That's a great phrase, it's used all the time about, you know, people who will only believe it when you land on the lawn of the White House. And even then, you know, certainly that a quarter of last week it's bending over backwards, not to say nothing and not to say too much. I don't think any government any of the major powers want to admit that they are dealing probably possibly with civilizations that are way beyond those technologically so we are defenceless, in, in the face of such, you know, advanced technological, and perhaps military power. So, admission will be that will be dragged over people, perhaps by that famous landing on the line when they when it can't be denied anymore. But until then, I think that is happens now. Governments and military will do everything they can to deny the very obvious is happening right in front of their noses.

Ewan Irvine  30:59  
But I mean, it's a fascinating subject. It's been fascinating speaking to you. And if anybody wants to find out more information about your perhaps get in touch, where did they go to?

Peter Broughan  31:12  
Well, we can go to my website, which is my roleplay films website, and take it from that list of contact details. But they have to remember that also got a job. So it's limitless events in place to be as helpful as I can.

Ewan Irvine  31:30  
Well, thank you so much for speaking to us. And hopefully you'll come back at some point as well.

Peter Broughan  31:37  
I'd love to it's been going it's always it's always terrible. It's always terrifying to put yourself in this position. Because what I know is, is that safe or What I don't know is absolutely you know, it's unsafe. So manage production, some of the main points today.

Ewan Irvine  31:56  
Excellent. Thank you very much for speaking to us.

Unknown Speaker  32:00  
Thank you and it's been a pleasure.

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