The Conan Doyle Case Book

The Conan Doyle Case Book EP4: Audrey Yeardley

November 10, 2021 Ewan Irvine Season 1 Episode 4
The Conan Doyle Case Book
The Conan Doyle Case Book EP4: Audrey Yeardley
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Ewan Irvine's journey through the strange continues with a discussion about reincarnation and 'soul power'.

 In this episode, he interviews Audrey Yeardley.  Audrey is an intuitive tarot reader and astrologer. Her intent is to guide others towards the paths that best serve them mentally, spiritually and physically. She uses her own intuition as a navigator of the myriad of possibilities - continuously seeking hidden knowledge and better ways of Being. 

She has a keen interest in the path of the soul. What do we refer to when we discuss the soul? Is it something that carries on after our bodies die? Does it reincarnate? How does that tie in with what is known about genetics? 

Audrey gives us a lot to think about. 

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Ewan Irvine  0:04  
Welcome to the Conan Doyle case book where there's always a story to tell

Well, welcome to the Conan Doyle case spook with myself, you and Ervin and last week we spoke to Jimmy kostar fun, both the history fascinating facts and the spooky currencies and Edinburgh's Greyfriars kirkyard. But tonight, my guess is Audrey Yardley is an astrologer and intuitive tarot reader, and a consultant member of mind, body, spirit professionals limited using our intuitive guidance and integrity to help you to reach where you need to be in life. She also has a keen interest and experience and real inclination. And tonight, we are going to be looking at that subject of reincarnation. So welcome, Audrey. Good evening. Okay, Hello, nice to be with you. And you have some fascinating information experiences and reincarnation. So let's just start by asking you, Emma, suppose what some of these are your experiences and all about that interest and belief.

Audrey Yeardley  1:43  
Although they're not all of them, because I'm concentrating on soul, which is really intro, how we get into the world and how we get the experience. But I started asking questions when I was about four years old. And I had a series of dreams, which came pretty much in so modern till I was about nine. And then they stopped.

And they didn't confuse me because I accepted even though I was so young. That what I was, when I was dreaming was was something to do with four previous lives that I've had, I've been feminine and all of them. They were fragments. And within him, there were clues about unfinished business.

And taking that on board, when you're quite young, was quite a big thing to do. But somehow, I managed to accept that.

And then we get on with growing up going into puberty, having ideas about what you're going to do with your life. But when I was 16, coming up to 17,

I got kicked into touch on the plans that I've made, were taken over by a sudden invitation to come north, where the man who disappeared in the first dream. Now at the time

I went along with it, but it was only in retrospect, retrospect, that's when we get really educated. When I look back, and I realised I'd taken on board, the unfinished business in that first dream. And a bit later, well quite a bit later, because I was married for 30 years. And I after my husband died, I changed my life and came north and met somebody it was just a year long situation which in retrospect, I understood the picking up the fragments of the secondary. Now, I didn't really want to examine the third one because that was the one that really scared me. I won't go into the details here. But it was eight years of experience and eight years of recovery.

But it jolted me into really really taking all of this very seriously. So

if you're happy with this, I'll go into the account of what reincarnation

is like for me and for some other people. And also looking at what soul is all about, and the theories of how our connection becomes manifest when we're human beings.

Ewan Irvine  4:45  
Okay, excellent.

Audrey Yeardley  4:48  
So shallow

there's going to come a time you can better

On this, when we get to know what you've made of yourself, and just what kind of a soul you've grown into. And like the song says, Even easy in the ways that you get to this point,

some call that the dark night of the soul, and others entering the shadow for the show's eggs or eggs, we'll learn more from experience than ever, you will from the hunky dory kind of life.

Wendell Berry wrote a poem about this. To go into the dark with a mate is to know the late to know that dark, grim dark without sate and found that the dark two blues and stones, and was troubled by dark feet, and wings

causeless pains are about so it may well be that poets understand more about the scientists ever seem to do? Well, many of their offerings come from having delved into their own darkness, and their deepest pain.

And more often than not cover the board because of that most painful the wall spiritual experiences of betrayal, either by someone else on actions.

And here's one that I wrote, almost resorted to me by another piece of me in the darkest hours of the night. And after, for the first time in this life, I'd send up a prayer. Oh, God, I can't do this on my own. When it feels as though my very soul was close to being overwhelmed.

There was a recess. And it was also within two minutes when their guardian angel sent in help. No time to tell me what there was like no. But it was the beginning of an eight year long search for understanding that was the totally to America and Greece. And to knowing that I'd worked my way through.

This isn't my usual kind of poem.

So we'll be talking

souls for a little better. It's sitting up in bed yesterday, except beef tea today. It said, I had a dream. They told me I do well, but they despaired I'd make it because I know. So still, they thought it was a goner. And so they said it for you. They said they really thought there's nothing else to do. I thank them that they sent you. I thank you that you came because they've gone so low when the mother made me known three times, and the third went in the three times I felt the blame. Three times are dead, and then the death, my heart have turned to stone.

And I'm an angel, so my state and hold me and that's the way it goes. In the darkest moment. And Angel always knows. Thank God you came to listen to me. Thank God, You came in time. Thank God you healed me. Thrice Blessed are those again. And very, it was a dream. I hold the floor and still recall the pain. And there it was a dream on you the power. I heard you call my name. Dream over dreams and better. You have not dreamed in vain. Souls talking souls talking souls talking souls talking.

Now let's think about soul and just what it is as a capitalised. Imagine a beautiful diamond with 614 facets, not the usual 57 But 614 and everyone fell in with a preternatural Nate, a kind of floating crystal resonating to the music of the universe. Every one of us has one, a vital component that never incarnate with a white Syrah term with the lessons we've learned in only one lifetime. So many. They can be very old ones with maybe 35,000 years under their belt, or they could be very new ones and they're first starting and each other in a world right now, with different levels of accrued wisdom, but all with the intention of reaching enlightenment. Souls are made of lightmeter. The older they are the brighter they become. And on average, they weigh between 0.75 and 1.4 forms depending on the more developed and the energy of

each one of the 614 facets, has five components and each with a tremendous Pamela. But firstly, let's talk about DNA. The combined information of one person's DNA with full the Grand Canyon more than 74 If times and if it was placed on to end, it would stretch from here to the moon a staggering 500,000 times. Think about that. So it's that personal do me inscribed in words of a very, very short language, to confirm its power that's in the first component of the soul. The second component is actors, which records all we've ever done, and will do on our possible choices that are in the learning is the third component containing the name of God, the archetype and its destiny. The energy of the universe that the soul uses to create a body is contained in the fourth component is called prema. And the fifth is where its unique spiritual name was given to it at the time of its creation, which never turned is and was rather like a very personal phone number. Because it's very important that each soul is known. Why did I take this on board in Sedona, Arizona, at a three day workshop set up there, Mitchell Gibson, after his first presentation in Albuquerque is overturned on Moto at one of the sons in consciousness conferences. Just after I began to gather my emotional roots together, I'd say the poster in the wall of day with names office just after on quadra explicably, I've been asked to target the chair of region troll, the Scottish region of the NFS age of Kornfeld, as a healer in 1998, after equally inexplicably being woken up their loud voice, and it's usually around 220. When it comes through, telling me it was time to go to Scotland. For the past 10 years, I've been dedicated to restoring a very old house I've made a promise to to make it beautiful. When I first seen it in 1965. And right then, when I was getting close to fulfilling it, here was a voice telling me I had to move, actually older saying it was sold talking, because it told me it will keep working out until I got in touch with the state agent, which it did, until I gave in and moved to the Isle of Skye. The number eight has always been a significant number for me, but never thought that I'll be getting myself into an eight year long relationship, which would end badly know that it would take another eight to fully recover. But I guess deep so that's a part of the hero's path, that you have to heal yourself at some point to get a qualification in unnecessarily empathy. Oh boy, we had other ways. And now it was telling me I had to go to Albuquerque, not to worry about my skinny finances. And as it would make sure I'll be meeting some very interesting people. Actually, it was to support me for five more visits to America for to Findhorn and I was down to the Arthur Findlay College and Stansted to fall in my own version of travelling on my own yellow brick road for the next eight years, until I can almost bless the man who conned me so very well. Not quite, because there's enough of the rich in me to have turned him into a toad, metaphorically speaking. And no, I wouldn't be the person I am today. Without that dastardly deed, so we're doing a debt of gratitude.

To sell and Sedona mature Gibson had passed them His understanding, because it takes 3500 or three years to get through all the lessons that qualifies. So to complete a level one qualification, and before it can move on to the much longer courses to become levels two and three. After that, we have a choice to come back or to move on and not come back to Earth. Now this time, I was imagining each soul as being rather like a beautiful cosmic egg with the capacity to lay and hatch out enough personalities to fulfil the 3500 timeframe. And as we learn the necessary lessons, a window is opened. So it shines out. It's very different knowledge and all its windows are open, and it floats off to the next stage. It's already a civil cratic for that I'm happy with that. On the last day, one of our group asked Mitchell, what levels we were. He'd said, I recognise that when you first walked, walked through the door, but I'll tell you when the call was urns, which he heard. Most of you are level one souls, some slightly ahead of the others. But you put your, you put your feet on the path after much effort, so well done. There are here who made it to level two. And I commend all the hard work and persistence. And there's one of you who've reached level three. It was them who made the classic sign of recognition, holding his hands together, and slightly boring, but not to only one person more to the distant all and what he said. And one of you is verging on utter depravity. And all of us with our headstone and rethinking, please don't let that be me. Please don't let that be me. And for every one of us, silently half of the room as a question rather quickly to close on no million souls in homogeneous for their allotted time, obviously, you are going to be more interested in their lives than will ever get you more and then rather more interested in those, then what's going to happen to the lovers when our time has come. And when we get back to where we all come from. Still, I've been pondering whether or not about the possibility of a great gathering, that all of us who leaves the world on the one particular day will be a part of, and looking around at the variety of different countries background, colour, and belief systems. I was around five when I saw a wonderful movie, a matter of life and death is a movie made by Michael Powell and Pressburger, which made enough of a significant impression on me to get me thinking about what happens after we die. And which added an extra something to the memory is the four previous lives that it haunted my dreams, beginning when I was about four years old. Those of you who've seen it where we call David Madden, trying to land his damaged aircraft in the time of war, and being guided by a young Canadian woman seated in an operation firm as a merger airfield. And the subsequent debate or higher authorities, at one point descending on a very long staircase, to the sons of some very haunting music, to check out the former details of whether his time had come or not. And then each side of this magnificence, or the statues of fairness long from earlier times, this alone reinforcing the ethos of what reincarnation means the knowledge brought to the world by its greatest thinkers of our time. writers, artists, musicians can't just disappear. And Michael Powell has written in pencil the names of the statues that are to be there. Alexander the Great book read from Beethoven, Frederick shahpur, Confucius, Benjamin Franklin, Julius Caesar, Abraham Lincoln, Michelangelo, Muhammad, Moses Bartolomeu. Plato. I'm glad he was there. Rembrandt van Rijn, Cosmo vision, William Shakespeare, King Solomon, and John Jonathan's with a very individual kind of list. And I'm sure you'll think of your own. But I still remember going back to the movie, the number of pilots and their crew who are arriving in a large gathering space, still confused by their deaths, but acknowledging companions who died in similar circumstances. If you haven't yet seen the movie, then get you to the DVD, or check out Amazon or Netflix. Actually, it will be those who don't battle who will fill the spaces on the days of their particular battles, who will keep those who checked the new arrivals. Very, very busy recently, or watched a movie called us Indianapolis starring Nicolas Cage justice in a similar way, we might go well, what's the move is made from every one of our lives. Let me get back was based on real events. It made me want to discover more of the real life events on which it was based. And I found that in a meticulously researched book called fatal void by Dan Guzman. And I'm thinking about the whys and wherefores. are the stories behind all of our lives, but particularly the military ones that both take us back into the ones that we've learned. And the one that was our starting point. In the book, or two standout sentences on soul that I want to pass on. There are times when one has to follow the dictates of the soul, which is what I did when I was 16, coming up to 17, against all logic, and another, the experience in the water had demonstrated within a grotesque relief, that the quality of a man is not demonstrated by rank, wealth, or colour, but rather the nature of his soul, which was just one of the reasons for my taking myself to Sedona in 2003. I've always been fascinated by military history and events that lead on to armed conflict. And I remember through war sitting on the table, and listening to Neville Chamberlain announcing that we were at war, asking my father What was my dad was an elderly parent. He'd fought in the First World War, and now he was weeping. And so only 20 years and that last one, and telling me that war is home. But it may well be that so no more past lives have been in the military, for I carry with me an instinct that recognises where military installations have been, although hidden to the state. General George Patton, one of the Second World Wars, legendary figures, have recollections of eight previous lives in the military, fighting in Turkey, the Alexander the Great at the siege of China, fighting coliseums for Rome, working on his way to Valhalla, an Englishman imagine call a Scottish Highlander supporting the students after the death of Charles the First. Well, there's a load to Napoleonic morsel, when we all of us left North Africa to invade Sicily, a British General Sahara, Alexander toe Patton. But if he'd been alive in the 19th century, Napoleon would have made him a morsel to which hadn't had replayed allegedly. But he did. And so how are the natures of our souls formed? or individual tendencies? Something to think about, when we consider time dim and distant future have a great gathering of souls, when they've explored every possibility of what it takes to be a human being. And then, what are we gonna do about that?

Ewan Irvine  23:14  
That was absolutely fascinating. OJ Lewis and a couple of questions, actually, from what you mentioned here. And one of the ones I was fascinated by you mentioned the 3500 years that, I guess most takes us to complete that pathway or gain or fool Siouxland. Say, and I was wondering about these 3500 years, because I suppose personally speaking, I'm happy coming back to the aeroplane a couple of times, but that would take me 3035 times of a lift about 100.

Audrey Yeardley  23:55  
To go back there, it is something to consider, particularly level two, three, which will take a bit longer. But human beings have been on earth for a very long time, Adam and Eve and of course there was no she began with a No Didn't she she took off because she got she didn't like what was going on. The first wife of Adam, and Phil will just think about now think about it as soon as we stop worrying about this. But your nerves and our lives go way, way back to the first time that human beings became cognizant. And maybe that was stepping out after he handed the apple to Adam. So already, you could have had your 3500 level ones. You could be well into your level two, on heading for level three. Post life chips can often give you clues. But mostly it's they tend to nag at you. If there's unfinished business. I've never actually gone for a past life consultation. I did. I did Yes. Once with whatever to Hamilton, which took me about six hours getting on almost the same coming back. She brought in something I've been I've been living in Wales. And I got very annoyed when a level of nine was hurt by some rather nasty people. And I did my best to get rid of them. But they burnt me. They burnt me alive in the towel. I have no recollection of that. And I didn't when John told me about it. But you could be well, on the way already with quite a lot of lies behind you. Does that make sense?

Ewan Irvine  26:07  
Yes, it does interest me as well. You spoke about the gentleman in the military, going back to the war, and how that military connections seem to go through his previous life. So it was almost as if there was a thread that came through each of them. And the one that was wondering if that's something that can often happen.

Audrey Yeardley  26:30  
Yes, the first time. There isn't time now to talk about an experience I had with someone I saw when I walked through the door. It was a donor meeting. And it was as if I knew who he was. And I stopped my thoughts self and stepping forward. And truly, he was there with his wife. But when I went up to collodion, to just about two weeks or four got back from Sedona, we went up to Culloden, to do some healing. And we chose to stand by the dollar Donald graves. And that was a connection with this morning. But the first time I went to collodion, I stopped myself but I wanted to fall on my knees and tear my hair. Because I still thought the anguish of that, but I've no recollection of how there was got his life.

Ewan Irvine  27:35  
Right. And yet there was no as you say, there was no memory of that. Do you feel that? If you were to go for a past life regression that may come forward? Or can these things perhaps just be hidden never come to the surface yet we do have these feelings or glimpses

Audrey Yeardley  27:56  
was the name of Adam's first wife? She took off in her house because she didn't like what was going on next, I believe. Yes, I did. I went to a lovely lady who lived on a Scottish home and to try to I tried everything I could to work out why I got involved with this disastrous relationship. That was in the third dream. The fourth dream was I was a very stocky over powerful woman who was seeking revenge and I needed to have my my hand slapped for, for being how I was. So for most of the lessons have been may not overstepping overreaching, not getting clever, and all of this. So I've got rid of that one. Unless I get very close, and then she comes forward. But the thing is this lovely lady Marie, she done a course with Judy Hall. And he's written so many books on crystals, and she's, you know, very intelligent psychic. But she said, I'm still learning. As I lay on the bench, she kept passing the book over to me to check if we're on the right on the right cause. So it was amazing. But it did bring back memories of the connection I'd held with this man, man, over many lifetimes. And we've never been equal. He'd always been in a position of power using using me particularly but others. And so I helped to get myself away from that. Was pretty much in finding it took a lot of effort. But the thought was interesting.

Ewan Irvine  30:00  
Well, it's been a fascinating subject and unfortunately, each of our podcasts seems too short. But as delightful to speak to you and I know that you do readings with the Arthur Conan Doyle centre and people can find out more details about these there and the type of readings that you do. Thank you. So So once again, thank you very much for joining us and if anyone wants to find out more information apart from the coolant oil centre page, where can you check Do you have a website or Facebook page? What so what is your website?

Audrey Yeardley  30:49  
Website is Audrey warbly Why do le y at Weebly, W W b No Evil is to double calling on our I'm also do WordPress as well, but just a moment that that's just escaping me. But I can give book lists and give more information about Michel Gibson on the work that he does. Very multi talented man who runs a school of Seoul in North Carolina.

Ewan Irvine  31:42  
Okay, well once again, Audrey, thank you very much for speaking to us and have a lovely Thank you very much.

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